Point-of-sale Airtime
Free Airtime delivery software for Retail stores
Voted best POS software 2010


What are the 7 most important things to remember?

  • Always put your cell number as reference number when making payment
  • Don't make two identical value payments on the same day or consecutive days
  • If you ever need to make similar value payments add a Rand to the next one
  • Cash deposits incur cash deposit fees, we prefer EFT or cellphone banking
  • Transfers from a different bank take a day longer to reach us. We bank at FNB
  • Always pay more than one thousand Rand to avoid the Ten Rand Administration fee
  • Deposit no cheques into our account

Can I use the ‘Priority Payment’ facility to get my money to you quicker?

Yes, you can. But there is a slight problem. If you do a priority payment the banks will always delete your reference number (for reasons only known to themselves), making it impossible for us to know who we should credit! If you absolutely HAVE TO get the payment to us that urgently, make sure you do so during office hours only. Then send proof of payment and CALL US so that someone can credit your account manually.

We prefer if we do not have to intervene in this way since we have built AUTOMATED SYSTEMS. Rather plan ahead and transfer funds a day earlier and it will also eliminate the priority payment charges.

How long does it take to register?

If you have a valid cell number, and an E-mail address you can register right now, in about a minute or two.

I have more than one till point, do I need software for each one?

No, A retail store can connect many tillpoints together and all the tillpoints can access airtime from the one account.

How often can I make deposits for Airtime?

You can deposit as often as you like but it may be more convenient to do an EFT once or twice a week, or so. The funds you transfer are allocated to a 'wallet' and then you order airtime as you need it. The SoftServer will always tell you how much money remains on our side.

How do I get the Airtime?

In a nutshell, you make a prepayment into the FREEPAID bank account, putting your cell number as reference number. Then you wait until your first customer requests airtime. Then simply select the desired voucher from the list shown on your Point-of-Sale software and your computer will 'fetch' the voucher from our stock and debit your 'float' The remaining balance will be shown on the SoftServer component at your premises, so you always know how much is left for airtime. When you order, the voucher arrives at your printer in a second or two. So if you are permanently connected to the Internet (3G or ADSL etc), there is no need to hold any stock at your shop. (Dial up customers will need to order airtime in batches from our website, then hold the stock on the SoftServer in the store, ready to be sold. A very useful smart management tool suggests the correct order to place each time, based on historical sales.)

What does it cost?

There are no other monthly or hidden costs, simply deposit funds into our account and draw the stock you need. Our dealer prices are transparently and prominently displayed on our prices page.

How does the overdraft work? 

In some cases we set a small overdraft for some of our customers for use in emergencies. If the overdraft is accessed it is 1% more expensive than normal.

Is purchasing on the Internet safe?

Yes. Our system is tried and tested. All vouchers sent to you are delivered in a secure and encrypted format, remaining encrypted in your point-of-sale device, until printed.

Do I need special equipment to get Airtime this way?

Yes, you need a PC and any Windows installed printer. Or simply print to the slip printer if you have one already. It is simple to setup and get started.

How can I check my stock levels?

For ADSL and 3G customers there is no need to hold stock, simply keep a positive balance at FREEPAID and draw single vouchers in a second, as you need them. The software shows the remaining balance at FREEPAID at all times and also provides easy access to detailed usage and other reports.

Can I sell Prepaid Airtime for MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom?

Yes, we store Airtime for all the Networks including Virgin, Telkom Prepaid, WorldCall and WorldChat.

What do I do if I make a payment and I get no notification of the payment?

Always put your cell number as REFERENCE number when paying by EFT, and in the appropriate place on the deposit slip if you deposit cash. If you did not put your cell number as the reference number (or if the bank teller captured your cell number incorrectly), your payment will be allocated to a suspense account and you will only receive the credit once you let us know there is a problem. You may be required to fax proof of payment to us in that case so keep your proof of payment until you have received payment notification by SMS. Or call our Customer Care line on 0861778800 during office hours if that ever happens to you...

How do I avoid the cash deposit fees?

Do an internet transfer (EFT) into our account rather than depositing cash. EFT is totally free of charge. If you deposit cash into our account the bank will charge us cash deposit fees and we recover these from you. There are two different rates. If you deposit cash over the counter then a flat fee of R 10.20 applies plus R0.72 per R100 (or part thereof). Alternatively, if you use the ATM to deposit then a flat fee of R 3.75 applies plus R0.63 per R100 (or part thereof)

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, never pay two identical amounts into our bank account on the same day or consecutive days. A second deposit can be bigger or smaller than the first deposit (even a few cents difference), but must never be identical or it will be ignored by our system.